We have crafted a Hybrid SaaS model that is easy to use!
You can now take control of your delivery operation in a user-friendly interface.

Our Platform - Our Fleet

Our resources under your command. We got you covered from all angles. Unlimited scaling opportunities with crowdsourcing with full visibility and streamlining of operations online.

Our Platform - Your Fleet

Full optimization for your logistics supply chain ecosystem. Optimizing your current logistics network and enhancing your overall fleet performance and capacity.


Modifiable engine that automatically streamlines excessive deliveries overload, maximizing on the idle fleets and already operated vehicles.

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Quick, convenient delivery is challenging. It doesn't have to be.


Times are changing, and businesses are outsourcing. With crowdsourcing you have an unlimited scaling potential.

Consolidated Workflow

Once all logistical operations of any business are streamlined through gogo’s platform, the utility and capitalization rate of the assets gradually increase, directly affecting the bottom line of the business.

Benefits and Analytics Based Results

By maximizing on the idle fleets and the already operated vehicles, gogo is manipulating the status quo to enhance better transportation systems with lower emissions and more benefit to all participants.

Delivery, Fleet & Driver Management

Dispatching, monitoring, and commanding the fleet, delivery and drivers with real-time data and tracking through the web application dashboard, aided by analytics.

Route Optimization

Automated route optimizer with all its benefits. Accounting for 24 variables, including live traffic, stop time, and weather.

API Integration

Get access to all gogo's features through API documentation that can easily integrate with any App, Website, POS System or Operating System.

Who we serve?

Any vertical with logistical needs.

RestaurantsRestaurants chain and delivery service can now dictate the way orders are delivered, in order to create the best experience possible for everyone.

Logistics Companygogo’s logistics solution enables you to match logistical excellence with your operational efficacy and customer experience.

RetailersUsing gogo’s innovative retail logistics solution, retailers can manage optimize in real-time a wide range of delivery options.

HealthcareMerging the right smart technology with their existing infrastructure to operate at the highest efficiency.

GrocerySuccessfully manage and navigate your groceries delivery tasks, through integrating with our multi-channel operations. Keep your food fresh to the last mile.

ServicesYou an now easily manage and optimize a wide range of on-demand service options and scale them efficiently as needed based on the market demand through our adaptive platform

Parcel & CourierParcel and courier companies can modernize their entire complex delivery operation and optimize their processes across the entire system.

Enterprisesgogo’s delivery smart platform was premeditated from the ground up to help enterprises streamline their entire distribution network.

Your Journey. Our Process.

Why us?

Your customers expect faster, lower-cost and convenient delivery.
At gogo we use world peak technology to help you get the competitive logistics advantage that you need.

Improve Efficiency
Clear and Visible
Lower Cost & Increase Sales
User Friendly
Greater Control
Customer Support & Satisfaction
Focus On Your Core Business
Network & Connections
Schedule, Track & Monitor
Go Green & Reduce Emissions
Understand Your Demands
Analytics from Existing Data

All united under one platform.